Peter Johnson


Peter has been helping individuals and corporation’s draft, implement, monitor and manage investment policy for over thirty years. He provides complete investment and portfolio management services to his clients.

Peter entered the world of financial services in 1983 when he accepted the position of Public Relations Manager in the State of Indiana for Loyal American Insurance Company. The company specialized in risk management solutions for the Credit Union Industry and their members.

While working for Loyal American, Peter earned the designation of Register Representative by passing the General Securities (series 7) exam in 1985.

In 1987 Peter was hired by Amerianna Saving’s bank to work as an Advisor in their brokerage center. Peter was quickly promoted to Manager of the brokerage operation.  Peter was able to successfully guide the brokerage unit through the crash of 1987, build a substantial client base and achieve profitability for the center. In 1989 Amerianna's brokerage center, along with one of the Advisor's Peter hired, was featured in the national publication Registered Representative.       
Peter began consulting with other banks helping them successfully launch or modify existing brokerage operations. Brokerage centers in banks were rare in the 1980's, today they are common place. Peter was able to recognize, make contributions towards, and participate in what became a major area of expansion for an entire industry. 

Peter went on to serve as President of the Investment Management Division of Star Financial Trust Company, Director of Investment Management for Home Federal Savings bank, and Vice President of Investments for two major brokerage firms ,and the Portfolio Strategist for Brookstone Capital Management. Peter has also owned and operated his own investment consulting firm. 

Peter's experience allows him the opportunity to help an array of investors including those who are building financial security for their future and those who are protecting assets accumulated and saved over a lifetime of achievement.

Peter embraces a disciplined approach to managing portfolios and recommending securities. His approach incorporates strict standards, accountability and common sense. His methodology includes the use of both fundamental and technical analysis as well as principals to manage risk. Peter's ultimate goal is to fully align a client's investment portfolio with their investment needs and temperament in an effort to produce positive returns throughout all types of market cycles. Peter listens to a client's financial concerns, conducts open and frank discussions and helps them design, implement, manage and monitor rule based strategies to meet their specific financial needs.

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