Investment Philosophy

Tactical portfolios for modern markets

At Capital Advisor Network (CAN), we look at portfolio construction in a completely different way. We believe the best way to manage risk during volatile, unpredictable markets is to diversify among trading strategies, not just assets.

We call this Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory, which embraces the application of tactical investments as part of an overall progressive diversification strategy. Our main goal will suit most of today’s investors—to achieve the highest rate of compounded return while assuming the least amount of risk possible.

When attempting to strike this kind of balance between risk and reward during market cycles, it’s critical to consider the negative effects large downturns can have on long-term results. Our strong bias toward volatility reduction and downside protection is designed to mitigate market fluctuations so that investors can take better advantage of the benefits of compounding.

As an advisor with the CAN turn-key asset management platform (TAMP), you will be provided with all the resources necessary to help illustrate the importance of tactical strategies as part of any portfolio. You’ll be able to assure your clients that each aspect of our investment selection process is dependent upon rigorous research and active management to help manage risk and capture gains opportunistically.

CAN advisors will be able to impact each client’s portfolio with all the operational and intellectual support needed to:

  • Diversify across multiple risk management dimensions
  • Combine distinct tactical strategies
  • Emphasize Trend Following, Momentum/Relative Strength, Global Multi Asset Hedge and Risk Budgeting
  • Monitor portfolio managers to ensure legitimacy of their strategy
  • Implement a combination of operational, qualitative and quantitative perspectives