Investment Platform

Staying tactical in all markets can be a complicated endeavor, but our investment solutions are able to condense the complexities of the markets into simplified, pre-determined solutions. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we provide our advisors with easy access to a broad range of tactical investment solutions—Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive—each designed to simplify the challenging investment management process.

We’ve built our investment platform based on the intelligence and thorough research we gather. Our immediate access to some of the most innovative, proven minds in money management—who generate access to some of the most unique, effective investment opportunities available today—is what separates CAN from other money managers.

Our strength is in finding the right recommendations and the right strategies for each individual portfolio, then implementing them effectively to continually maintain a track record of excellence. The investment research we perform is extensive, thorough and ongoing:

  • We focus on tactical investment strategies that exhibit low correlation to volatility.
  • We provide portfolio risk diversification, with clearly defined risk management parameters.
  • We continue to innovate, always developing risk-appropriate responses to changing markets.