Jared Wickes

Chief Investment Officer

A student of investing since the age of 11, Jared entered the professional world of Financial Services in 2001 after attending Purdue University.  While working his way up the ladder, Jared learned the ins and outs of portfolio management and, along the way, discovered weaknesses in the rules and processes that governed the structure and management of investment portfolios.  Jared’s driving interest in fixing these flaws has led him to work with some of the most innovative money managers in the business today.  

It is from these industry leaders that Jared culls his knowledge and processes that allow him to help both individual investors and Investment Advisors access innovative investment strategies designed to help prevent catastrophic losses—losses that destroyed a lifetime of savings in 2000-2003 and in 2008.  

Jared believes that there is a more efficient way to invest that will allow clients to sleep well at night without worrying about running out of money or missing significant opportunities while sitting on the sidelines. 

Phone (765) 588-1647